Blurtso the donkey by Alan Davison


Blurtso the donkey is a web-comic character created by Alan Davison. Alan Davison is a graphic artist and professor of Spanish language and literature. In addition to his Blurtso the donkey books, clothes and greeting cards, Mr. Davison has published a novel titled, The Adventures of Captain Harvey,

co-authored collection of poetry titled, Particles, and published a collection of love poems titled, Graham Cracker CrumbsHe has also translated Pablo Neruda's 100 Sonnets of Love. (Alan Davison can be reached via email at


The genesis of Blurtso


Blurtso the donkey was born when my niece asked me to make a stuffed animal speak. When she asked his name I said, "Blurtso, because he blurts things out without thinking." One day I began posting "blurtsoisms" (philosophical musings) on Facebook. Soon my followers began to ask for illustrations to accompany the musings. I bought a Wacom tablet, began to draw, and The Blurtso Chronicles were born. Ten years later Blurtso has a half dozen books, an online store (blurtsobarn), and numerous music videos. In the near future a plush toy will also be available. Blurtso the donkey and his best friend, Harlan the elephant, are dedicated to mindfulness and warmth of the heart. Enjoy!

                                                                            -- Alan Davison

Main Characters

The Blurtso Chonicles

(Blurtso is a good-natured, philosophical donkey with a weakness for pumpkin pie)