The Blurtso Chonicles

(Blurtso is a good-natured, philosophical donkey with a weakness for pumpkin pie)


The Philosophy of Blurtso:

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Occasionally, I free my mind to the day,

I feel the sounds, the colors, the breeze, and I remember this day,

which is every day,

a lifetime.

​​Peace of mind

is the product of self respect.


The more I can leave behind,

the lighter my load,

and the lighter my load,

the more I can take with me.


Because I'm not separate from myself,

the only way to control myself

is to cooperate with myself.

Most points of view are too pointed.

The less I am me,

the more I am what I see and hear. 

Perhaps the moment I become nothing,

​I will become everything.


Harlan was talking a lot about mindfulness yesterday. I wonder what he meant? I wonder if it's anything like stomachfulness? I'll have to ask him the next time I see him, if I'm not too focused on the present to remember.